Nilsson Quarterhorses



We show and breed American Quarterhorses/Painthorses. We breed for quality, not quantity, and we set our standards high!

Our goal is to provide high quality horses, we strive for outstanding conformation with good performance pedigrees. Soundness and correctness is essential in our breedingprogram. Correct conformation is necessary for the horse to be able to perform in its discipline.

About Conny

Conny Nilsson is a well known and established trainer and competitor in western riding.

Conny has been working with horses since he was just a kid, he started out by riding and showing his mothers dartmoorponies.


Conny has been showing in most western disciplines since he started his career at year 2000. He is a very successful competitor and experienced trainer. He has been educating himself mostly in the US but also some time in Europe.

Conny started working as an assistant trainer in New Mexico in year 2000. Later on he was hired at a Quarter horse breeding ranch in New Mexico as a headtrainer. He has been working as an assistant trainer at Haverty Ranch in Krum, TX, and he has developed a partnership with Kim Ferguson at Sliding K, TX.


Conny has the capacity, knowledge and experience to educate from green horses and riders to more experienced showhorses and riders. He also helps horses with people problems, like loading and handling..